Monday, January 29, 2018

How To Lose Weight Post Pregnancy.

One should look at getting back to original weight around 6 months to a year post pregnancy. It is important to have a regular diet and an exercise routine to get back to same vigor. Here are a few tips on how to lose weight post pregnancy :

Take your time, your body needs to recoup from the delivery. Don’t be hard on yourself, look at getting the six week check up post delivery and if you are breastfeeding, do not start any slimming routine till at least 2 months of breastfeeding.

Breast Feeding- 
Breast feeding automatically makes you lose weight as it burns calories. Do not try straight away to lose a lot of weight while breastfeeding as it will produce less milk. You should approximately lose 650 gms a week which won’t effect your breastfeeding routine.
Eat Well-
Unlike what may be perceived, it is good to maintain a regular diet post pregnancy and not skip any meals plus add small meals in between. Make sure you are eating non- fat or dairy free products. Eat a lot of food with fiber and proteins avoid juices and sodas with added sugars.Iit just adds to your calorie intake.
Don’t Crash and Burn- 
Do not go any crash diets as it will only result in burn outs and it will take longer for you to regain good health.
Be Realistic- 
You may have a new body to adjust too, but be realistic and don’t overburden yourself.
A healthy routine of exercise will also shed those unnecessary calories and get you back to peak health faster.
Do not try anything out of the ordinary but try to reach your usual fitness routine.