Monday, August 22, 2016

Benefits of Banana

Benefits of Banana
Bananas, the neat fruit packed in a bright yellow or green jacket, can offer you more than just a natural fruit sugar rush for increased energy.
Rich in potassium.
High in ‪#‎fiber‬.
Natural ulcer remedy.
Natural ‪#‎fat‬ and cholesterol free.
Adds a good amount of ‪#‎vitamin‬ C.
Having a banana at breakfast every day adds many nutrients to your body.
Relieve from constipation.
Helps in curing Piles.
Bananas are good for your ‪#‎heart‬. They are packed with potassium, a mineral electrolyte that keeps electricity flowing throughout your body, which is required to keep your heart beating.
Banana before work outs is a pack of energy punch and sustain your blood sugar.
Banana after workouts adds potassium lost from the body in sweating to boost muscle health.
BANANA IMPROVES YOUR MOOD- Bananas make you happy.
Eating bananas will help prevent ‪#‎kidney‬ cancer, protects the eyes against macular degeneration and builds ‪#‎strongbones‬ by increasing calcium absorption.
If you are looking for a food that can help you lose FAT, bananas being rich in SOLUBLE FIBRE are a perfect choice.
Improves Nerve Function and Enhances Brain Power.
Helps Recovering from Hangover.
Banana contains a generous amount of Vitamin C that helps maintaining the natural and youthful glow of the skin.
Nutrients in banana help in fighting wrinkles and keeps the skin youthful.
Help in softening the hair and protects the hair’s natural elasticity, preventing split ends and breakage.
Bananas help create ‪#‎healthy‬ cells.
Bananas fight anemia protects teeth from weakening.
increase and enhance ‪#‎brain‬ power.
Banana helps to quit smoking as banana contains potassium, magnesium, B6, and B12, all these helps to recover and reduce the level of nicotine.
Hydrates and moisturizes dehydrated ‪#‎skin‬.
Fights acne causing germs.
You can eat a banana to stop bingeing between ‪#‎meals‬, as it acts as a full meal in itself.
The local names of bananas in India are kela (Hindi), Arati Pandu (Telugu), Vazhai Pazham (Tamil), BaleHannu (Kannada), Ethapazham (Malayalam), Kella / Kela (Punjabi), Kele / Kel (Marathi), Keda (Gujarati), Kollaa (Bengali)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Don't make stomach your dustbin

Eat till you are full is an age old practice, BUT Eat till you are HALF FULL, is modern mantra.
Eating should be to satisfy the mind and not the heart.
To eat mindfully, pick your food as per your fist and not to feast.
It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are full, so eat slowly.
Bigger the better is an old school of thought- eat in smaller portions by picking smaller plates.
Eating to finish the food is a popular practice in every household especially the ladies of the clan practice it.
Anything in excess is harmful and so is the food. Extra should be given away as the stomach is a food bin not a dustbin.
Dustbin can be changed frequently, but food bin stomach is a bin for life so take care

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Watery secrets to health and weight loss

Watery secrets to health and weight loss
Weight gain is a notorious virus that can plague people of any age bracket anywhere in the world.  There’s but one way to tame its notoriety: alongside your diet, you need to deal with lifestyle changes with deft hands. Make those little tweaks to your schedule where you wake up an hour early to exercise and kick start  your day with a healthy breakfast and where you drink water (like plenty of it) to keep weight gain at bay.
No. Water is not a magic bullet that dissolves in your body and helps you shed those extra pounds. But that is not to undermine the crucial role of water in weight loss in any way. Water is a bewildering fluid with no calories that keeps you hydrated and satisfied.
Here are some wonders that water can do to boost up your weight loss.
Kick starting you day with a glass of water.
Right after you wake up; treat yourself to a glass of water. It works as a flush for your body, draining it of the toxins accumulated overnight. To rev up your weight loss, begin your day with a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze half a lemon in it.

Drink water prior to all your meals.
There goes an innocent trick you could pull on yourself to manage your portions.  Water acts as a suppressant for your appetite. How effortlessly it curbs down the amount of food you will now eat for your meal!

Drink plenty of water to rev up your metabolism.
Dehydration is a devilish foe while you are on weight loss. Without sufficient water, your body ceases to function normally.  It slows down the body metabolism. Now that your body has gotten a little indolent, it does not burn as many calories as it was supposed to.

Drinking water keeps you full.
It’s a funny thing the brain does at times. It mixes up the thirst signals with the hunger ones. So sometimes your oddly timed hunger pang is actually a cue for you to drink more water.  For such times you could keep a water bottle nearby instead of snacking up on whatever is at hand.

Replace your soft drinks and sodas with plain water.
Water is a bewildering fluid totally capable in itself of quenching thirst and keeping you hydrated, and that too at zero calorie consumption. Now is the time to make that slight yet significant tweak in your lifestyle that we had talked about. Replacing your sugar-saturated sodas and soft drinks with water is a significant way of jumpstarting losing weight.

Drinking enough water takes care of your overall health.
Water is the conveyer of body fluid. It helps to balance the fluids and eases the passage for them as they flow from one end to another inside your body. These fluids are responsible for several vital body functions like absorption, circulation digestion, and movement of bowel and maintenance of body temperature.

To sum it up, the list of benefits of water in losing and managing weight is somewhat exhaustive. Moreover, it generously contributes to an overall well-being and paves the way for a much more beautiful, effervescent, youthful you.

So, drink up fellas. Bottoms up!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has become as common as common cold these days.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has become as common as common cold these days. It affects at least one in every ten women aging towards puberty. PCOS is an aftermath of a hormonal imbalance in women wherein the testosterone levels shoots up in the body causing an array of symptomatic reactions.
A woman with PCOS is prone to weight gain, pelvic pain, acne, depression and irregular menstrual cycles. But that’s only as far as the horror factors go. Firstly, like I have mentioned before, PCOS has become indescribably common among women of a certain age these days. Secondly, with a treatment, proper diet and exercise schedule, PCOS is quite curable.
Here are a few tips and tricks for you to keep in mind and compile them with your treatment to stay several steps ahead of PCOS.
PCOS and Weight gain
Between PCOS and body weight, it’s a long, enticing affair that takes place. PCOS makes it difficult for the body to use insulin; a hormone that is responsible for converting food starch into energy. As a result, your body becomes insulin resistant, and stores up the energy as fat instead of burning it out. High insulin levels make it a troublesome affair to maintain a manageable weight.
Diet tips that work wonders with PCOS
Carbohydrates are one of those food components that really make your insulin levels tick. But not all carbs are the bad guys. It’s the simple carbs that you need to watch out for. Even if you gulp down foods with the same amount of carbohydrate, the effect they will have on your insulin level will vary depending on the type of carb that you have consumed. So, it helps to stay wide awake every time you go grocery shopping. Make a few necessary tweaks to your grocery list and consumption pattern, and before you know your PCOS will be an ancient thing in the past. 
Next time you go to the departmental store, make sure you pick whole grains over multi-grains. You could switch from cornflakes to wheat flakes or oatmeal as far as breakfast is concerned. Here’s another small fix you can pull. Swap your white bread with its brown counterpart and do the same with your rice. It’s always more advisable (and beneficial) to eat whole fruits instead of drinking canned juices. And, most importantly let not those ‘fat-free’ levels laugh it off at you; they are secretly loaded with a truck full of sugar.
To further fine tune your PCOS diet; build up on smart snacking habits. Open a packet of unsalted peanuts rather than salted potato chips. Having a tantrum with the sweet tooth? Smoothen it out with tidbits of dark chocolate.  Rely on water (and water alone) to quench your thirst.  Choose this essential and harmless liquid to curb down your soda and soft drink pangs entirely.
 Eating a little consciously can take you a long way to get rid of PCOS. Top up your dietary efforts with your regular exercise alongside your treatment, and there’s no reason why your hormones won’t fall into place along with your life.   

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crash Diet is Useless- For weight Loss

Crash Diet is Useless- For weight Loss
New study shows that people who lose weight slowly and steadily are more likely to keep it off in the long run than those who opt for crash dieting.
There are many effects of crash dieting including-
Short-term weight loss, short-term dehydration, short-term nutritional deprivation (which can lead to long-term problems), risk of fainting or heart attack and long-term health complications.
Crash diets can cause a drop in blood pressure and sodium depletion.
Your mental ability is not at its sharpest making you rational with making decisions.
Crash Diet leads to shortages of potassium, magnesium and copper could be causing the arrhythmia in crash dieters.
Crash dieting risks for the long-term include osteoporosis from calcium deficiencies, brain damage, liver and/or kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.
Your immune system will weaken feeling tired and irritable
Prevent you from getting important nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to work properly
When someone loses a lot of weight, some part of that weight is always likely to be lean body mass (muscle and bone) rather than fat. Overall loss of lean body mass is associated with poor health, especially as we age
Crash diets is that you very quickly lose energy which your body needs to perform day to day activities
In fad diets, people (especially women) do not get sufficient calcium, causing weakness of the bones. This stage can further lead to osteoporosis
One of the biggest side effects of crash dieting is the aging process. The signs of aging like wrinkle, sagging skin and fine lines appear early.
You will surely have to say good bye to your hair if you take up crash diet. This type of diet lack the nutrients and vitamins necessary for healthy hair. You may observe hair loss after starting crash diet
As we know body needs Vitamin C and B to produce dopamine and serotonin which control the moods. In their absence, one becomes irritable and have mood swings. It may also cause depression so our body needs right diet rather than crash diet.
Think about these horrible effects of crash dieting before it’s too late.‪#‎rightdiet‬ by ‪#‎dietexpert‬ from ‪#‎topdietician‬ from ‪#‎mumbai‬

Monday, August 1, 2016

Nutrient Rich ‪#‎breakfast‬
Lose weight by eating a nutrient rich breakfast with combination of proteins + carbs + Fats + dietary fibers.
Skipping breakfast can set you up for overeating by the end of the day.
A healthy breakfast followed by right meals,
on the other hand, can give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for smart decisions all day long.
Research done by famous dietician in mumbai that regular breakfast eaters tend to be leaner and dieters are more successful at losing ‪#‎weight‬.
So start your morning off right with a ‪#‎healthybreakfast‬.
Go on changing your breakfast by following foods
Oatmeals / Bowl of fruits / Veg Poha / Upma
Daliya + yogurt / curd / low fat milk less oily paratha+ curd
Yolk free less oily Omelete + wheat toast
Yolk free boiled egg + wheat toast
Breakfast should provide 1/3rd of the days requirement.
According to the survey done in one of the colleges by top 10 dietician in Mumbai, one out of the three obese people miss their breakfast ‪#‎Mondaymotivation‬‪#‎onlinedietician‬ from ‪#‎mumbai‬ ‪#‎geetanjaliahujamengi‬ ‪#‎dietexpert‬ #india