Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Powerful Reasons to Eat Slower:

Lose weight- A number of studies by many researchers have confirmed that just by eating slower, you’ll consume fewer calories — in fact, enough to lose 20 pounds a year without doing anything different or eating anything different. The reason is that it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to register that we’re full. If we eat fast, we can continue eating past the point where we’re full.
Enjoy your food- It’s hard to enjoy your food if it goes by too quickly. Make your meals a gastronomic pleasure, not a thing you do rushed, between stressful events.
Better digestion- If you eat slower, you’ll chew your food better, which leads to better digestion. This can help lead to fewer digestive problems.
Less stress- Eating slowly, and paying attention to our eating, can be a great form of relaxing. When you eat, you should eat. This kind of mindfulness, I believe, will lead to a less stressful life, and long-term happiness.
Eating quickly leads to poor digestion, increased weight gain, and lower satisfaction. 
The message is clear: Slow down your eating and
enjoy improved health and well-being.

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